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Welcome to my old new blog.

Once upon a time, in a different era of my life (2006) I thought that perhaps I should blog about my thoughts and feelings on different topics I came across throughout my day. I wasn’t employed at the time. Obviously, I should have been able to come up with all the content in the world, slap some AdSense all around it, and generate some money the same way literally everyone else was attempting to do back then.

Fast Forward to 2009. I got a real-boy grown-up job that utilized my B.S. in Computer Science. Finally, I’d made it. My old blog, not so much. It didn’t age well. I decided to let it die; I didn’t need the ad money and I didn’t have the time.

Today, however, at the encouragement of others (links below), I’ve decided to start blogging again. These posts will be highly technical in nature, in line with my work as a software engineer. There will be a mixture of hobbyist posts around personal finance (disclaimer), video games that I play, and dungeons and dragons. I will try to keep the posts on topic and in the spirit of software engineering and my personal hobbies.

If I find that the topics I discuss gain popularity, I might enable comments so we can have a discussion here. Otherwise, I might post them on relevant subreddits. I’m not going to take the time a lot of other bloggers and streams take in order to monetize this site, at least not at first. I’m being fully transparent in this first post; if my thoughts become popular, I will plop down a couple of (non-intrusive) AdSense ads, and I might use affiliate links where applicable. I will make sure to let you, the readers, know about this as transparently as I am allowed to do.

For now, this is a place to post my thoughts on the things I encounter when trying to write software. I hope you’ll enjoy the content and find some kind of knowledge within its words.

Thank you!


My Encouragement –
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